Coronavirus Communique: Health Safety Precautionary Measures at the Company Project Site

As the Coronavirus pandemic escalates in the country, we as a company have a legal and moral duty of care for the health and safety of all our staff, suppliers/contractors, and the general public at large. As a property development company, the nature of our business naturally involves multitudes of workforce. However, being cognizant of the dangers of the virus, we have since made some modifications at our latest project site [108 Sapphire Apartments in South B, Nairobi] to support the ongoing containment efforts by the government.

The health safety precaution measures we’ve taken include a daily screening of staff as well as visitors/potential clients before admission to the site, disinfection at the site access point, minimized one-to-one meetings with essential congregations limited to five persons at a time, provided proper ventilation at the site, and lastly, we’ve also limited the number of the workforce at the site to only have essential workers/core staff.

The pandemic is disruptive. However, we want to assure our clients that we have made alternative arrangements to accommodate project delivery should the contagion result in extensive disruption of the projected timelines. Above all, we urge our staff, suppliers and the general public to take personal containment initiatives as announced by the government. We shall continue to provide updates on any additional measures taken to ensure everyone’s safety at our sites.

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